Metropolitan Institute Expands Network Capacity

The Metropolitan Institute (MI) welcomes four new faces. As co-director of the VPRN, Virginia Tech Associate Planning Professor Maggie Cowell will assist MI Director Joe Schilling with the Network’s overall strategic direction and management.

Congratulations to MI’s new post-doc Katie Wells who completed her PhD in Geography from Syracuse and Research Associate Lauren Bulka who finished her Masters Degree in Urban Affairs and Planning from Virginia Tech—both will help coordinate network activities, conduct research, and contribute regularly to our blog and inventory.

We also offer a special welcome to MI Visiting Fellow Dr. John Russo. As the former director of Youngstown State’s Workforce Studies Center and co-author of Steeltown USA (2004), John will infuse new perspectives based on his extensive knowledge documenting the plight of residents living and working in communities undergoing dramatic socio-economic dislocation and change.