April 7, 2017

Urban Greening Working Group

Urban greening in legacy cities refers to the applications of diverse treatments and interventions for reclaiming vacant and abandoned properties. Urban greening positively impacts communities by stabilizing neighborhoods, improving social and public health, and addressing environmental/ecological concerns (e.g. combined sewer overflows, climate change), and benefiting local wildlife.

Despite its multiple benefits, there are many unanswered questions that require more research. Some of these questions identified during a 2015 roundtable included:

  • More research on transdisciplinary collaboration,
  • Ways measure the interactions of all distinct variables that urban greening impacts,
  • Identification of the right blend of greening strategies, and
  • Research on the social dimensions.

A summary of the results is presented in the link below. If you are interested in participating in this working group and/or have any ideas, facing a challenge, and/or want to learn more, please send us a message here or email [email protected]