The Not-So-Secret Gardens of Saginaw

On November 12, 2019, U.S. News and World Report covered the story of one local Saginaw, Michigan group’s effort to tackle urban abandonment through greening and community gardens. Here is what our own, Joseph Schilling had to say about it. Full article can be read here The broad movement known as urban greening has accelerated
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The Rent in the Bay Area Is Too Damn High. So These Moms Occupied a Vacant House

A recent Mother Jones Article quotes VPRN’s Founder, Joseph Schilling: “Every vacant property has a story story behind it,” says Joseph Schilling, a senior research associate at the Urban Institute who has devoted the majority of his career to studying how communities reclaim vacant properties. “What is the owner’s story? What is the neighborhood story?
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During the 2015 Reclaiming Vacant Properties (RVP) Conference, Senior Fellow Joe Schilling, hosted two roundtables –Building the Case for Code Enforcement and Strengthening the Case for Greening Legacy Cities. More than 30 researchers and practitioners participated in each session to highlight existing research and brainstorm unanswered questions about the effectiveness of code enforcement and urban
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Schilling Attends Strategic Code Enforcement Workshop

As part of the Institute’s Vacant Property Research Network, Senior Fellow Joe Schilling participated as part of the national faculty for a workshop on strategic code enforcement hosted by the Center of Community Progress and the International Municipal Lawyer’s Association.  On September 10th over 200 local government attorneys and practitioners spent the  day examining the
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Networking Event: New Orleans

Join the Vacant Property Research Network for appetizers during the Environmental Research Design Association conference to share ideas, find collaborators, discuss funding options, and pilot a match-making service for researchers and practitioners. Kent State University’s Kristen Zeiber and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority’s Colleen McHugh will be the hosts. Saturday, May 31st // 8:00am – 9:30am // New Orleans Teddy’s Cafe @ The
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