Baltimore – Community Development Block Grant Program’s First Time Homebuyer Program

Baltimore’s Office of Homeownership established the First Time Homebuyer Program.  The program aims to aid first time homeowners by providing qualified individuals with $5,000 toward down payment and settlement expenses structured as a 5-year loan forgivable 20 percent per year.  Those who are eligible are identified as “first-time homebuyers with a counseling certificate from a City Approved Counseling Agency.”  Homebuyers can combine this incentive with other mortgage incentive programs.  The program’s website specifies the restrictions/loan terms.

To visit the Program’s web site, please visit:

To access contact information for the City’s Approved Counseling Agency, please visit:

For questions about the First Homebuyer Program, please contact:  Marva Allette of the Office of Homeownership at 410-396-3124