Leader Profile: Terry Schwarz

A Conversation with Terry Schwarz VPRN recently spoke with advisory board member Terry Schwarz about her work with Cleveland’s Urban Design Collaborative, passion for vacant properties, and plans to explore the space next to Ohio’s largest men’s emergency shelter. Below is an excerpt. For Terry’s thoughts about Cleveland’s “gray” sewer infrastructure and how vacant property
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New Article: Fighting the Vacant Property Plague

Metropolitan Institute Visiting Fellow John Russo, has published a new article in New Geography, titled Fighting the Vacant Property Plague. Russo digs in to the issues surrounding banks abandoning foreclosed properties and how cities are innovating to address the growing blights.

Schilling and Tackling the Challenges of Vacant Properties

Joseph Schilling, Terry Schwarz, along with Alan Mallach, FAICP, will be leading a workshop entitled “Tackling the Challenges of Vacant Properties” as part of the APA’s Planners Training Service Workshop Series,  November 8-9 in Chicago. Description of the training: Vacant properties are everybody’s problem. They blight neighborhoods, reduce property values, foster crime and disease, and
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Chicago Intensive: Tackling Vacant Properties

Looking for a professional development? Want to visit Chicago? Here’s a way to do both. Join  national experts Alan Mallach, Joe Schilling, and Terry Schwarz for an intensive workshop, Tackling the Challenges of Vacant Properties, on November 8 and 9. The workshop – part of APA’s Planner’s Training Service – will dive into a number of issues,
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Turning Blight into Beauty?

According to the Salon.com article, “Abandoned homes are the future: Imaginative ideas turn blight into beauty,” vacant property renaissance is a technique that cities are using to fight back to establish a revitalized urban landscape. Land banks, at the center of this renaissance, are a “city authority that can take control over thousands of abandoned
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