February 9, 2012

Research Inventory


Using the bibliographic platform Zotero, our Research Inventory provides a  comprehensive bibliography on  topics relevant to reclaiming vacant  and abandoned properties, neighborhood  revitalization, and regeneration and reuse initiatives. The  inventory  draws from a variety of  sources including academic and peer-  reviewed journals, reports from policy organizations/think tanks, relevant books, along with various practitioner publications.  The inventory is a dynamic platform that can facilitate larger conversations between policy makers, practitioners and researchers about existing research needs that can help build a strong evidence base in support of policy change.

Who might find the Research Inventory useful:

The inventory may be useful to practitioners, academics, researchers, emerging scholars or anyone with a general interest in fields related to blight, distressed city regeneration, vacant properties reclamation, and neighborhood or community revitalization.  The inventory offers a unique opportunity for these users to search current policy and research in these subjects.

How to use the Research Inventory:

The Research Inventory is divided into two main categories: Topic and VPRN Publication.  Topics include:

  • Acquisition and Management
  • Blight
  • Brownfields
  • Foreclosure
  • History
  • Information and Data Systems
  • Neighborhood revitalization
  • Planning
  • Regeneration and Reuse

The bibliographies for all publications are listed under VPRN Publications.

Getting started with Zotero:

For instructions on how to register and download the free Zotero platform, please reference our Zotero Quick Start Guide. Anyone can view the contents in our Research Inventory. However, we invite all of you to join and contribute relevant articles to the Vacant Property Research Network Zotero group.

To join or if you have any questions,  please contact Jimena Pinzón at [email protected]

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