September 26, 2016

Memphis Blight Charter

It is very difficult to persuade someone to maintain their house up to code when they are living next to an empty, vacant, vandalized [property] unfit for their kids to walk as they go to school…Blight is like a disease, a virus rippling through neighborhoods…it’s something that catches and passes from one to the other.
Kermit Lind

With at least 10,000 vacant properties, Memphis is considered a blighted community. Senior Fellow Joe Schilling and code enforcement expert Kermit Lind have been working with the Memphis Blight Charter initiative. This initiative is unique. Compared to other cities that have developed strategic plans, Memphis developed a Charter which reflects the common vision and principles of different entities and members of the communities. After the Charter, an action plan will be developed. After the adoption of the Charter, a blight coordinating team will be established.

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