June 8, 2015


As of October 2016, VPR Network is active in numerous projects, including the following.

Our current work in Youngstown examines current and best community practices in strategic code enforcement, which addresses the need for flexible, timely, and community-sensitive approaches to applying code enforcement, including such strategies as coordinated data systems across many agencies, and housing court remedies to focus more attention on “bad actors” such as negligent landlords and predatory property speculators, while offering support and assistance to residents with code violations or short-term property issues.

In Memphis, we are working with the Memphis Blight Charter initiative on an inclusive, citywide approach to coordinating efforts to stem blight, recognizing the central role of shared knowledge and listening to residents as part of that work.

In late September 2016, we convened the Working Group on Public Health & Blight  to examine the public health dimensions and impacts of varied remedies for blight. A policy brief from the group is forthcoming by 2017.